Using the library

Library card, PIN code and electronic library card

Welcome to the library!

You may obtain a library card by presenting a photo ID at the service desk and agreeing to follow our user regulations. The first library card is provided free of charge.

Obtaining a library card is not dependent on your place of residence. The same card is valid in Hämeenlinna, Hattula, and Janakkala.

Online registration

You may fill in an online form to register as a customer. You can pick up the library card the following weekday during the library service desk opening hours. You need to present a valid photo ID at the service desk.

Your online registration form will be deleted from the register if you have not picked up your library card within two months.

Online registration requires strong authentication on You may use the identification method of your choice.

Fill in the online form.

Information on e-Identification

Customers under the age of 15

A library card application for a person under the age of 15 must be filled in by the guardian, but the child can pick up the card themselves from the library.

If you want to add yourself as a second guardian to a child’s library account, fill in an online form. Both guardians are responsible for overseeing the use of a child’s library account.

To add yourself as a second guardian, fill in an online form.

Library card is personal

A library card is personal. If you lose your library card, you are responsible for all the material borrowed with it until you report your card lost. The guardian is responsible for material borrowed with the card of a child under the age of 15.

Always keep your contact information up to date. You can change your contact information and message preferences regarding notifications for reserved material waiting for pickup, approaching due dates and overdue loans on your user account.

A name change cannot be applied through the online library. You can update your name information by visiting your local library. You will require a photo ID to confirm your identity.

Log in to your user account.

Electronic library card

You can also download your library card on your mobile device, Adroid or iOS. The digital library card can be used in all Hämeenlinna libraries including mobile libraries Bella and Urho.

To download a digital library card, go to on your device’s browser.

Android devices

  • scroll down the page and select Asenna kaupunki taskussa link
  • select Asenna (Install)

iOS devices

  • press the Jaa (Share) button on your browser

Taskussa icon is automatically installed on your device's desktop.

Select the icon and open the application menu. Select Library Card. Enter your library card number and four-digit PIN code.

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PIN code

PIN code is required for using the library's online services, e-resources, self-check units and for entering the library during extended hours.

To receive a PIN code, visit the library's service desk and present a photo ID. You can also receive a new PIN code by phone or you can fill in an online form. Requests made online will be processed the following weekday. You will receive a confirmation in your email once the new PIN code has been activated.

Request for a new PIN code online.

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Lending periods and renewing loans

Lending periods are 7, 14, or 28 days. Mobile library and the home library service may follow their own schedules when setting lending periods.

Only persons whose age complies with the age recommendations on videos and games will be allowed to borrow them.

You can renew your loan up to 6 times. Renewing can be done through the online library, by visiting the library, via telephone or email.

A loan cannot be renewed if

  • it has been reserved
  • the loan has already been renewed 6 times
  • the customer's debt to the library exceeds €20
  • the customer's borrowing privileges have been suspended
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Returning loans

Loans can be returned to any of our libraries or mobile libraries regardless of where they have been borrowed from.

Renew your loans in time or return them by the due date during the library opening hours. Returns made to the book drops will be registered as checked in the next day the library is open.

The library can send a reminder into your email three days before the due date.

If you wish to receive this reminder, contact the library. The library is not liable for reminders not reaching the customer. The customer is responsible for returning or renewing their loans even in the case of not receiving the reminder.

If necessary, two reminders requesting the return of overdue material will be sent. A fee will be charged for the reminders.

If the customer fails to return the material even after having been notified, the matter will be forwarded to debt collection.

The first reminder will be sent two weeks after the due date. Exception is made for material that is reserved, for which the reminder will be sent a day after the due date.

The second reminder will be sent two weeks after the first reminder. Notify the library whether you want the first reminder to be delivered through mail or email.

Overdue fees

A fee will be collected for overdue material. The fee starts accumulating immediately after the due date.

Overdue loans accumulate the customer's debt even when the actual amount has not yet entered the customer register.

Unpaid fees will be registered as debt, and fees exceeding €20 will prevent further borrowing, renewing, and reserving.

Overdue charges will be registered even if you return the material through a self-check unit or into a book drop. Overdue fees are not charged for children's material.

After a bill or debt collection invoice has been sent, the customer's borrowing privileges become suspended. Overdue fees can be paid at any of our libraries.

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Reserving material

A normal reservation targets library collections of the municipality you have chosen as the pickup location and may be made free of charge. The reservation is collected from the library you have chosen as the pickup location.

A regional reservation targets all Vanamo library collections (Hattula, Hämeenlinna, Janakkala) and carries a fee of €2,50.

You can choose any of the Vanamo libraries as the pickup location, and the material you have reserved will be delivered there.

You can also reserve material that is not currently loaned out.

A reservation can also be made through the online library, via telephone, or by visiting a library's service desk in person.

You can choose to be notified concerning reserved material waiting for pick up through email, text message, or letter. Material will be kept reserved for seven days.

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Interlibrary loans

Material not found in Vanamo libraries can be obtained as an interlibrary loan.

Interlibrary loans are not made for material found in the library of Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK).

A fee is charged for an interlibrary loan.

The sending library will define the lending period and terms of use. The material will take a few days to arrive. Set books in demand may take longer.

HAMK library

Make a request for an interlibrary loan:

Renewing interlibrary loans

If your interlibrary loan is visible in the online library, you can use the Renew selected items function to send a renewal request for your interlibrary loan to the library. If the loan can be renewed, the new due date is saved in your loan information and is displayed in the online library. You will receive an answer to your request by text message or email.

Interlibrary loans can also be renewed at the libraries' customer service desks, by phone or by e-mail.

  • Hämeenlinna -
  • Hattula -
  • Janakkala -

Interlibrary loan fees

  • Interlibrary loan from Finland: Hämeenlinna - €8/loan, Hattula - €6/loan + the sending library's fee, Janakkala - according to the sending library's billing
  • Interlibrary loan from the Nordic countries €10/loan
  • Interlibrary loan from other foreign countries ca. €30/loan
  • The sending library will determine the fee for photocopies

Multilingual Library

Multilingual Library is situated on the entrance floor at Pasila Library. It is open to everyone. The collection has books for children, young people and adults in more than 80 languages. In addition to books, the collection has music recordings, movies, magazines, audiobooks and e-books.

Multilingual Library sends library materials everywhere in Finland. Vanamo libraries order the items you want from the Multilingual Library free of charge.

Multilingual Library

Multilingual Library's introductory video is available in six languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Arabic, Somali and Persian/Farsi.

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Computers in Hattula Library

Hattula Library has five computers for customers, three of which are intended for adults. You may reserve computers at the library or via telephone. Open wireless network is also available.

Two of the computers can be used for printing. Black and white print €0,50. Free of charge for students.

Computers in Hämeenlinna libraries

All libraries in Hämeenlinna have computers for customer use. All the libraries' e-subscriptions and other databases are available through the computers. Computers cannot be reserved in advance. There is a scanner and a color printer in every library.

Computers with Windows

Computers with Windows operating system are located in the main library, on the second floor. All the computers have Internet access, Office software and printing capabilities.

Using the computers does not require logging in with a password. If the computer is turned on, you can start using it. If the computer is turned off, turn it on from the main unit.

All the user's files are erased upon log out, so you should make sure you have downloaded any data you want to preserve to an external memory device.

Chromebox workstations

All Hämeenlinna libraries have computers using Google Chrome operating system, which provides an easy access to internet services.

On the Chromebox workstations you can use Chrome internet browser, create or modify documents, access cloud services, use usb memory stick, print, watch videos and listen to music.

If you have a personal Google or Microsoft account, you can log in to it and use their services. For example, with a Microsoft account you can create, save, and modify Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. When you stop using the computer, do not forget to log out.

See detailed instructions for using Chromebox workstations.

Wireless network

Wireless local area network (WLAN) is available for use in all our libraries.

The library's network KirjastoAsiakas is open and visible so you can find it by browsing through the available wireless connections.

The connection is not encrypted so you should remember to take care of your data security and use a firewall along with antivirus software. The library is not liable for any problems caused by using the wireless network.

Computers in Janakkala libraries

Janakkala main library has seven computers for customers. You can reserve a computer at the library or via telephone.

  • Three computers for adults (max 2 h/day/person)
  • Three computers for children and youth (max 1 h/day/person)
  • One fifteen-minute computer

The two computers for adults at the balcony are meant for persons over the age of 18. The one on the lower floor and the fifteen-minute computer are meant for persons over the age of 16.

Printing can be done with the adult's computers or the fifteen-minute computer. By asking from the service desk, you can get the required amount of paper. Color prints and copies may only be obtained via the service desk.

  • Black and white copy or print A4 €0,50/unit
  • Black and white copy or print A3 €1/unit
  • Color copy or print A4 €1/unit
  • Color copy or print A3 €2/unit

You can also scan material at the main library.

Tervakoski Library has three computers for customers, one of which is a fifteen-minute computer. You can reserve a computer at the library or via telephone.

Editing and digitizing space

In Hämeenlinna main library's editing space a customer can independently

  • convert LPs, cassettes, and VHS videos into digital format
  • edit pictures, sound, and music
  • scan and print paper pictures and slides
  • burn files on CD and DVD disks

You can find more information and instructions on how to make a reservation for the editing space in Varaamo service.

Reserve the editing and digitizing space.

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Fees and fines

Overdue charges

  • Material for adults: €0,10/loan/day with max. €6/loan
  • No overdue charges will be collected for youth and children's material
  • A customer's borrowing privileges will be suspended if their overdue charges amount to €20 or more


If necessary, two reminders will be sent concerning the return of overdue material, after which a bill will be issued or the matter assigned to debt collection.

The first reminder (email or letter) will be sent 14 days from the due date, except in the case of reserved material, when the notification is sent a day after the due date.

  • second reminder: €2 (always sent by letter)
  • a bill: €5 (always sent by letter)

Billed material or material assigned to debt collection results in the suspension of borrowing privileges.

Service fees

  • Reservations targeting library collections in Hämeenlinna, Hattula, or Janakkala can be done free of charge
  • Regional reservation targeting collection that is outside your own municipality: €2,5/reservation
  • Regional reservation fee will also be charged on material left uncollected


Replacement for a mislaid or broken library card:

  • adults €4
  • children €2

The first library card is provided free of charge.

Fee for a broken cd or dvd case is €2/unit.

The library will determine the amount of the fee charged for damaged or mislaid material.

Interlibrary loans

  • Hattula: 6€/loan + the fee of the sending library.
  • Hämeenlinna
    • €8/loan from a Finnish library
    • interlibrary loan from Nordic countries €10/loan
    • interlibrary loan from other foreign countries ca. €30/loan
    • interlibrary loan sent to other libraries €10/loan
  • Janakkala: €6/loan or a fee determined by the sending library
  • The sending library will determine the fee for photocopies

Other fees and prices

  • Black and white copy/print A4: €0,50/unit
  • Black and white copy/print A3: Hattula and Hämeenlinna €0,50/unit, Janakkala €1/unit
  • Color copy/print A4: €1/unit
  • Color copy/print A3: Hattula and Hämeenlinna €1/unit, Janakkala €2/unit
  • Plastic bag: Hämeenlinna €0,20/unit
  • Scanning: Janakkala €1/unit, elsewhere free of charge
  • CD and DVD discs: Hämeenlinna €2/unit
  • Memory stick: Hämeenlinna €10/unit
  • Tote bag: Hämeenlinna €5/unit
  • T-shirt: Hämeenlinna €10/unit, children's €6/unit
  • Book jewelry: Hämeenlinna €12/unit
  • Book jewelry set: Hämeenlinna €20/unit

Prices include a 24 % value added tax.

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User regulations

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